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 Rare Bird Speakers Group
How to Book Our Excellent Speakers 



Select A Speaker from our Speakers Group

Our talented speakers offer a vast range of up-to-date continued dental education courses. 

  • select the speaker​

  • select the topic

  • complete the Speaker Request Form 

Manufacturer Sponsorship 

Manufacturers often provide financial support towards the honorarium for our speakers. 

Provide the details of what your meeting will provide in exchange for their funding.  Such as exhibit table, introduction in course, logo on publication materials, contact information. Attendee emails are highly recommended.


Request a Speaker 

Please complete the Speakers Request Form

for the fastest response.

Or you can email

Answer these questions:

Contact Name and email address

Organization Name

Date and & Time of meeting

Location of Meeting

Speakers you are interested in hiring

Topics you are interested in

Anticipated Attendance: overall & for this course

What your meeting is provided to Sponsors example:

email lists (highly recommended),

table, introduction, logo use on publications

Speaker Request Form

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